2019 EMUS RESULTS as of 8/1/2019

Eastern Missouri Ultra Series

Since 2005, the St. Louis Ultrarunners Group has held a annual competition focusing on a series of ultra events in the Eastern Missouri region. A point based format that represents 5 ultramarathons where participants can accumulate points.

Howard L.Aslinger Foundatation 24-12-1 hour Endurance Weekend – a serious opportunity for competitors to start the season off earning big points. Don’t underestimate the format of the event – it might surprise you.

Double Chubb 25K/50K – the first trail race of the year and it is a fun one. Folks attempting to win their age group in the EMUS will definitely need these points later in the year.

Berryman Marathon/50mile Run – unpredictable sums it up in a word. A challenging trail by itself but throw in the crazy weather we have in May it is anyone’s guess.

Get Your Butt Kicked @ 66 – A mid-summer 6 hour hot & humid race  where runners can really add up some points.

Minnie Ha Ha 6 & 12 Hour Runs (New for 2019) – More details coming soon.

Flatlanders 6 & 12 Hour Runs – Cancelled for 2019.

SLUGS are automatically entered in the EMUS series when they participate in a SLUG event. Winners of each age division will receive a beautiful plaque at the end of the series.

EMUS award to David in 2014


3 race minimum or a total of 100 points

1 point per mile

30 points for winning an age group
20 points for second in age group
10 points for third in age group

10 points for winning overall

Best of luck to all runners!

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