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Eastern Missouri Ultra Series

The Eastern Missouri Ultra Series (EMUS) is a point-based competition among SLUG members. The EMUS begins in March with the Howard Aslinger 12 & 24-hour Endurance Runs and concludes with the Minnie Ha Ha 6 & 12-hour race in October. You must be a current SLUG member to accrue points in the EMUS.

EMUS races:
March - Aslinger 12 & 24 hour

April - Double Chubb 50k/25k/8 Mile Trail Race
May - Berryman 50 mile and Marathon Trail Race
July - Get Your Butt Kicked 6 hour
October - Minnie Ha Ha 6 & 12 hour 

Runners need to complete a minimum of 3 races or accumulate 100 or more points to be eligible for an award.

2024 EMUS Scoring:

1 point for each mile you complete in a race

Must be a race finisher to accrue points (partial distance from DNF for registered distance at Chubb or Berryman does not count towards EMUS)

In addition, you can also earn the following additional points for each race:

  • 50 points for 1st place overall (male and female)

  • 40 points for 2nd place overall (male and female)

  • 30 points for 3rd place overall (male and female)

  • 20 points for 4th place overall (male and female)

  • 10 points for 5th place overall (male and female)

  • 10 point bonus for 1st place overall in age group

Winners are recognized at our annual holiday party, and plaques are awarded to the top three men and women overall.

2023 Overall EMUS Champions


1st: Carrie Weatherholt

2nd: Elisha Stout

3rd: Candace Bennett


1st: Matthew Hertell

2nd: Josh Heisserer

3rd: Andrew Losch

Past EMUS winners

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